21 Day Weight Loss Program

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We are taking on 10 people for weight loss, fitness, eating analysis, and lifestyle change in our new 21 day program.

You can meet us virtually or regularly at our wellness center in Puerto Rico where we meet to discuss your needs, concerns, and desires for your life and body.

Each client has a personal analysis depending on their diet, health issues, lifestyle, and family habits. Temporarily you will be taken off eating all meats and processed foods for 21 days. You will learn to cook vegan with delicious meals and make all sorts of sauces without sugar.

You will learn various yoga and fitness postures to do everyday to shift health, flexibility, and body shape.

Fruits are highly mandatory to eat. This can help in relationships in religion, love, business, and self as we are nutritionists, natural doctors and doctors in religion and metaphysics and more.

Please call 9394929162 for more information on how to get started. Payment must be made in full via Zelle or cash at the facility if you are in Puerto Rico.

Price is $740 per person for the 21 day program.

Or complete the form on the website to get a contact back, https://suryasolsun.com/contact

We hope to see you here with our previous class of graduates that are happy to share their transformation stories to inspire you.

(Created With Olivia Tatara, John Falcon, and Surya Sol Sun)

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