Surya Sol Sun Spiritual Services

Spiritual Life Readings Sessions, Healing Session, and Intuitive Reading Information and Pricing – All Services are Virtual

We help all of our clients achieve their goals of life health and spiritual strength through our system of universal life force energy and combination of conscious and unconscious mind understanding. 

Enhance your energy through the techniques and knowledge of truth consciousness.

Our energy healing, intuitive readings, and spiritual healings can be applied to many aspects of your life!

Are you ready for your life to change?

Today, you are about to embark on a journey that has already begun since you have been born. You are asking yourself, what is truth? We are here to show you our truth of living so you can thrive. The truth is life.

Life is bliss.

What is the major understanding of living? Everyone wants to feel complete, whole, and well. These are all words in which we attach to as human beings. It is now time to understand your worth so you can truly live and achieve a higher consciousness.

We offer a variety of Spiritual Sessions and services to aid you in your life:

We offer a variety of services to aid you in a deeper understanding of life, self, and the universe. We welcome all residents of Puerto Rico and visitors on business and vacation to make an investment into your own life through our natural healing and living practice.

All sessions are by appointment only. There are no refunds as you cannot take back a spiritual contract.

Psychic Kids and Highly Sensitive Children: Unlock your intuitive gifts and balance psychic abilities through our immersive and integrative self awareness practices. We also offer guidance and self-control practices for highly sensitive children and psychic kids. Contact for more information.

  • Intuition Development
  • Career and Life Insight
  • Attraction and Self Love
  • Opportunity and Auspiciousness
  • Become a Magnet for Success
  • Heal Ancestral Line
  • Clear Old Habits
  • Transform Your Self Perception
  • Build Healthy Habits
  • Let Go of Certain Influences
  • Move on in Life
  • Gain Independence
  • Nurture your Body
  • Rid Illusions
  • Rid Obstacles
  • Awaken Your Body Into Health
  • Let go of your Past
  • and much more


Make Peace with the Divine Inside

You are being guided every second of every day. Allow your trust in the universe within yourself to fuel your life and guide your direction with grace and ease.

A habit can transform into something beneficial for your spiritual growth.

Understand that the lesson you are learning in this life should be met with acceptance and gratitude.

Need more insight on your current life situation? Book a spiritual consultation.

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