Surya Sol Sun – An Overview

Surya Sol Sun is about unlocking life at its truest potential.

Surya Sol Sun

About Us

Our practices are very ancient and simple and is only taught to student from a teacher. The correct minerals and detoxification can change your life. Just a little bit of Sun + Earth every day will shift your attitude.

Our virtual gateways are open to anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of self. We do not go towards one religion or put anyone’s beliefs down. We teach law. Law is how we live and is a part of every thought, action, and reaction we experience in life.

We offer advanced health and inner self intuitive services for anyone who needs guidance. We speak truth and we do not judge you for what you have been through or why you choose to seek help.


Inner Meaning

Our system stems from the source of life for all.

“We understand we are all the creators of our own realties and what we think, speak, and act is what we become. We learn to live in harmony with all aspects of our life: race, gender, placement, opportunities, circumstances. We find meaning with every meeting and know that everything is happening according to a Divine Plan. Wholeness, awareness, soulfulness, and fitness are inherent to our beings. ” 

From the Founders of Surya Sol Sun


Surya is the Sanskrit word that means the Sun.


We use the Spanish word Sol for Sun because the soul is what collect experiences and shapes your life.


The English word for Sun is of the Conscious, Son (Unconscious), and Holiness which dwells inside all.

We are about choosing to be healthy, happy and wealthy. We are about adjusting and changing our mentalities in order to bring union and harmony among everything. We live by universal law and teach others on how to harness and connect to the Source.  Life is about living and having fun.

We will teach you how to live at a high vibration to attract what you want and need into your life.

This is a key to life.

Surya Sol Sun

Practitioners and Artists.

Our Healing Artists and Meditation Teachers are dedicated individuals who utilize the power of the sun and universal energy to promote healing and balance in the mind, body, and spirit. Our practitioners believe in the transformative energy of the sun and developing solar consciousness, harnessing inner warmth and light to facilitate healing on a deep level.

We accept and welcome all walks of life and religions, but do not go towards one way.

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Meditation and Mindfulness

Through various techniques such as meditation, visualization, breathwork, and energy healing practices, and high vibrational healing art, our practitioners help individuals tap into their inner reservoir of energy and vitality. By connecting with the energy of the celestial bodies and past masters of this world, we aim to instill a sense of rejuvenation, positivity, and alignment within our clients.

We offer a holistic approach to well-being, promoting balance, healing, and spiritual growth through the transformative power of the sun and universal energy.

We offer Spiritual Consultations and Professional Consulting.

We offer High Vibration Energy Art for Creative Healing.

We offer Intuitive Coaching and Intuitive Readings Online.

We offer Nutritional and Health Advice from our Practitioners through Sun Nutrition Plus.

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How Can Surya Sol Sun Advance Your Personal Journey?

Appreciating what we have and finding joy in the small moments can help cultivate a positive mindset and contribute to a sense of fulfillment and contentment.

Prioritizing mental and emotional wellbeing through meditation, exercise, or other practices can calm the mind and create a sense of inner peace, which can ultimately lead to enlightenment.

Connect to learn more about how we can aid you. We create program that cater to every individual.

Central Intelligence

Teachers, Artists, and Pioneers of Intuitive and Spiritual Development

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Healing ARtist and Energy Master Practitioner

Dr. Olivia Tatara AKA OAT Healing Arts

Dr. Olivia Tatara is a Consultant, Artist, Intuitive, Grandmaster in Healing Arts, and Holistic Practitioner Coach impacting the lives of many through creative endeavors and intuitive health problem solving. With a background of sports psychology, athlete field experience, and martial arts training, Olivia Tatara is a renowned professional in the field of fitness and nutrition.

With a vast and inherent knowledge of the human body and its dietary needs, she has helped countless individuals achieve their health goals and lead a more fulfilling life. Along with her expertise in fitness and nutrition, Dr. Tatara also practices healing arts and high vibrational art therapy with clients and followers.

As a beacon of positivity, compassion, and enlightenment, Olivia’s influence extends far beyond the confines of conformity and society programming. She is an amazing healer, intuitive, energy healing practitioner, and artist with worldwide exhibitions showcasing her work and talents. Olivia’s commitment to spreading love and light shines through in every meditation session, healing art creation, workshop, and retreat she leads.

Combining her talents and spiritual gifts with Achito, they are able to give you a life changing experience that can transform your reality and consciousness.

Medical Medium and Grandmaster of Internal Arts

Dr. John Falcon AKA Yaakov Healing Art AKA Achito

Since a very young age, John understood he was different. After having 3 near death experiences and one experience of death and reviving, he was given a structure to come back to beautiful Earth to assist others. He is an NLP teacher, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Acupressure Practitioner, and a Grandmaster in Internal Arts, Martial Arts and much more.

His Spiritual Names Yaakov and Achito were given to him. Yaakov can channel his natural intuitive gifts through his system of energy transfer to provide insights about all areas of your life. As a medium and angel reader, Yaakov can see beyond the veil to connect with your loved ones in spirit and hear soul and beyond the veil messages meant for you.

He is skilled in assigning specific angles and frequencies to help you on your journey of life. As a past life reader, Achito can help you to understand what your past life relationships were with the people in your life right now to heal your soul. As a medical intuitive and internal healer, Achito can read your inner body wisdom and send healing energy where needed.

Combining his gifts with OAT, they are able to give you a life changing experience that can transform your reality and consciousness.

Master Shane, Dr. Olivia Tatara, and Dr. John Falcon are available as your neutral party mediator[s] for various issues and situations.

To all those that read this, please understand that Master Shane is under the direction of OAT Dr. Olivia Tatara and Yaakov healing Art Dr. John Falcon. He is an independent owner of Internal Arts Mind and he one of the practitioners that has the approval to use the system for his practice.

If you have any complaints you can follow our chain of command on complaints, you must make a life phone call regarding your comments with mediators and counsel present.

Please contact for more information.

Meditation Instructor and Energy Practitioner

Shane Whiston AKA Master Shane

Master Shane is a dedicated meditation instructor and the visionary founder of the Healing Holistic Being Temple. With a passion for guiding others on their spiritual journeys, Master Shane has devoted his life to promoting inner peace and holistic well-being. His teachings inspire countless individuals to cultivate mindfulness, find balance, and discover a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.

Through his compassionate guidance and profound wisdom, Master Shane empowers his students to tap into their inner strength and unlock their full potential. His holistic approach to healing encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, creating a harmonious environment for transformation and growth.

His teachings resonate with individuals seeking inner peace, clarity, and spiritual fulfillment. With Master Shane as their guide, students embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and empowerment, embracing the profound beauty of meditation and holistic living.


Solar Consciousness


Healing Enquiries

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