Surya Sol Sun

Surya Sol Sun is about unlocking life at its truest potential. We are opening our virtual gateways to anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of self. We do not go towards one religion or put anyone’s beliefs down. We teach law. Law is how we live and is apart of every thought, action, and reaction we experience in life. We offer advanced health and inner self services for anyone who needs guidance. We speak truth and we do not judge you for what you have been through or why you choose to seek help. We are about choosing to be healthy, happy and wealthy. We are about adjusting and changing our mentalities in order to bring union and harmony among everything. We live by universal law and teach others on how to harness and connect to the Source.  Life is about living and having fun. We will teach you how to live at a high vibration to attract what you want and need into your life. This is the secret to life. Surya Sol Sun , Olivia Tatara Art, Olivia Tatara healing Art, Healing Art by Olivia Tatara

How Can Surya Sol Sun Advance My Spiritual Growth?

Appreciating what we have and finding joy in the small moments can help cultivate a positive mindset and contribute to a sense of fulfillment and contentment.  Prioritizing mental and emotional wellbeing through meditation, exercise, or other practices can calm the mind and create a sense of inner peace, which can ultimately lead to enlightenment. Connect to learn more about how we can aid you. 

About Us

Our system stems from the source of life for all living things on the planet. First, we have gratitude for the Sun as it is magnificent and life giving. Surya is the Sanskrit word that means the Sun. We use the Spanish word Sol for Sun because the soul is what collect experiences and shapes your life. The English word for Sun is of the Conscious, Son (Unconscious), and Holiness which dwells inside all. We do not go towards one religion or belief because all is one in our practice. “In Every Person, There is a Sun. Just Let Them Shine.” – Socrates surya sol sun, tarot readings isla verde, taort readings puerto rico, puerto rico healing, energy healing puerto rico, san juan energy healer, spiritual readings in california, spiritual readings in new york city, spiritual readings in virginia, spiritual reader in california, best taort reader in california, tarot card reading in california, puerto rico energy readings, surya sol sun healing, sun healing, mama lamba healing, mama lamba healing art, 10k yuj tarot, 10k yuj tarot reading, best spiritual reading in the world, best spiritual reader in the world, healing, chakra healer california, chakra healing puerto rico, chakra healer puerto rico, puerto rico chakra healers, reiki healer puerto rico, puerto rico reiki healing, energy healing california, healing for children, intuitive readings california, intuitive reader california, california spiritual reader, california spiritual readings, los angeles spiritual reader, los angeles healer, best healer in los angeles ca, los angeles california spiritual readers, los angeles psychic, best psychic in LA, A spiritual healing, LA, spiritual healing, PR spirutal healer, 10k yuj tarot readers, buy 10k yuj taraot, black magic removal worldwide, black magic removal Surya Sol Sun , Olivia Tatara Art, Olivia Tatara healing Art, Healing Art by Olivia Tatara

Feel the taste of Freedom

Our practices are very ancient and simple, and is only taught to student from a teacher. The correct minerals and detoxification can change your life. Just a little bit of Sun + Earth every day will shift your attitude. The celestial bodies are magical and powerful. We all can be attuned to the spirit that dwells inside the our own energy form.  Our mantra is Surya Sol Sun and our system is about life and living it now. Let us share with you the true meditation and intuitive ability of life.  It is within the breath and within each one of us.  Learn More