Free Intuitive Reading Online

You will have free 5-10 minute reading to see what is going on and courses of action immediately. This can relate to spirit, health, gifts, wealth, relationship and much more. Call for more information 787 979 9938.

Shell Shakti (Shaktipat Sessions)

Learn more about. Surya Sol Sun Shell Shakti. *Virtual Shaktipat Sessions Are Now Open. *In Person Shaktipat Sessions Vary by Group. Call 787 979 9938 to book.

Intuitive Children Sessions

Introduction to Intuitive Children and Sessions for Intuitive Children Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, Crystal Children, Intuitive Children, Psychic Children Today’s children are more developed through…

Spiritual Readings in Puerto Rico

Introduction Surya Sol Sun Spiritual Services Spiritual Life Readings Sessions, Healing Session, and Intuitive Reading Information and Pricing – All Services are Virtual We help…