Free Intuitive Reading Online

The Master Readers have Doctors and Degrees in Religion, Metaphysics, Divinity and much more.

Please understand when you get this complementary reading that you are very honest as they will be able to detect to the root of your main life situations.

They will not let you know your own victim mentality if you speak through an ego attachment of a victim.

You must call and speak with one of the masters to claim this FREE INTUITIVE READING OFFER.

A donation can be given for this experience upon completion. Any amount given will be taken off the full price for a reading/spiritual consultation. View all spiritual services here.

(Must be new clients only)

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You will have free 5-10 minute reading to see what is going on and courses of action immediately. 

Please call 787 979 9938 and mention this FREE INTUITIVE READING.

They do not do anything over email. 

Thanks again for your interest,

Surya Sol Sun Staff

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