Vibrational Healing with HOLIO

Holio Healing Experience / $369 per person

HOLIO was created to embody the essence of everything – a vibration of pure healing to all forms. To experience HOLIO is to let go of everything you think you know about healing and be directly in the now.

With the guidance of our HOLIO Practitioners, you will soar through subconscious blockages from life experiences and past trauma.

Please view this free video created by Dr. Olivia Tatara and Dr. Yaakov Healing Art for all people to experience HOLIO for yourself. Get insight on your personal situation with an intuitive reading.

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Magic happens when you realize the wonders in your own unique form. Connect your being to the primordial vibration of the universe in a personal session where you are able to access these channels.

As you express and vibrate HOLIO in your being, you will understand that the sound itself is that in which it is.

It is a complete vibration of life so you are able to live your life.

Our Holio Practitioners here at Surya Sol Sun walk you through how HOLIO can shift your life in a healing session. Sessions art via Skype.

Holio Healing Experience / $369 per person

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HOLIO was created by Herschel Lazaroff and is the essence of everything – a vibration of pure healing. For a session with the creator and practitioners, contact us at 787 979 9938.

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