Intuitive Children Sessions

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Introduction to Intuitive Children and Sessions for Intuitive Children

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Today’s children are more developed through sensitivity. There is also an innate curiosity to embrace spiritual and psychic gifts as opposed to ostracize or repress these talents. Children have a natural connection to the divine through inner sight, dreams, visions, animals, and perceiving energies.

Most of the time, these intuitive gifts can overwhelm or scare the child based upon programming from ancestry or painful/traumatic experiences.

These gifts are nothing to be afraid of as this is a child’s natural way of connecting to the Source for answers, direction, and guidance. Many things can bring on different supernatural abilities and intuitive gifts such as trauma, experiences, fears, and normal soul development for that particular individual.

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We understand the journeys of being high sensitive children and coping with the stressors and judgments of this society. We provide a safe space to make sense of the basics when it comes to energetic care, energy balancing, life force health, and ridding of fear for psychic children and highly sensitive and gifted children.

Sessions will provide you (the guardian) and the gifted child tools to change your habits and change your perspective of life. It may be hard to see sometimes, but magic and miracles are every moment with gratitude for life itself.

To read the energy is to go beyond all spirituality and know the way of Law and Nature. You have the universe within you. Learn how to harness this energy for healing and increasing intuition.

Through the use of internal movement, meditation, art, and our own healing gifts, we are able to provide solace and guidance for both parent and child as this is an all in one effort healing process.

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Whether you are interested in spiritual development or rehabilitation of mind or body, we will fulfill these human needs with bliss and light. Find that darkness within the light that you need to rid due to your own thoughts. (We do not use Dark Magic).

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