The Great Creative Transmission (Short Movie Subliminal)

Olivia Tatara Created The Great Creative Transmission which aims to help individuals break free from the limitations of their own minds and embrace the boundless potential of their imagination. Watch the full video to learn more.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Sessions and Training

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful tool that can benefit both business professionals and everyday individuals in various aspects of their lives. Contact today for NLP sessions and packages in our system of learning.

Ancient Knowledge Transmission

This is our Primal Knowledge Transmission. Unite all people and energy into one magical power. Contact for personal sessions: Here is an exclusive interview…

Free Intuitive Messages Class

Welcome All to Our Free Event! Free Readings, Interstellar Channeling, Healing Art Transmissions, and Conscious Conversation with Yaakov Healing Art and Olivia Tatara #healing #love…

Tarot Readings in Puerto Rico

Creators of the 10K Yuj Tarot For Solos, Couples, and Groups / Sessions are by Appointment Only Contact for Spiritual Readings, 10K Yuj Tarot Readings…

Sun Nutrition Plus

Sun Nutrition Plus Health Is Yours Main Points Sun Nutrition Plus focuses on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through proper nutrition and fitness. Our…

Medical Concierge Clinic PR

Protocol Doctors. Call for more information if you are in a situation and need insight. This will be a fee. Please read below. (205 385 2118).