Online Healing Temple

The Surya Sol Sun Online Healing Temple paid and free distant healing is offered for free to all to experience a shift in life.

If you are practitioner, master teacher, healer, or just an ordinary person looking to enhance your well being, this is the place for you.

We have made this very affordable and if you can afford this, we suggest you make a donation toward the Free Distant Healing Temple.

If you say you cannot afford, just enter in your distant healing request and you will be added to the distant healing list.

All personal information is kept private. WE WILL NEVER POST YOUR DISTANT HEALING REQUEST PUBLICLY.

Our job is to aid you to the highest understanding. It does not matter what religion you are. Anyone can benefit.

Please understand that we are not you doctor or physicians, the key is to open the heart to enjoy life to live.

May you all be well and blessed and may our virtual healing temple rooms offer a shift in the universe to have a cosmic effect of love.

We invite you to sit in each room for the duration of the time and be at peace. Enter your healing request. Make a donation.

10K Yuj Manifestation Beyond Healing Call Free Healing Call, Free Inspirational Call Surya Sol Sun

We invite everyone to visit the entrance of the Surya Sol Sun Online Sacred Healing Temple. Play this video as your Entrance to the Online Temple.

View the full page here for free distant healing (general requests) and directions to get the most out of the Online Temple distant healing.

Healing Temple Donation (Optional)

$3.00 / day. When you make a donation, please complete the form for your healing request (in the online healing rooms) to be added to the distant healing list. Please be advised that the healing is more advanced when you make a donation.

Free Distant Healing Temple Rooms

Free Distant Healing Worldwide with Surya Sol Sun – NOW OPEN! Overall Wellness Distant Healing Room Entrance. Enter.

Please look below for our specific rooms for distant healing and submit your distant healing request. We understand that everyone is at a different point of life, manifestation, and inner journey. We are here to ignite the tranquility that is already born within. Enjoy the Surya Sol Sun Sacred Healing Temple Rooms.

Change Your Vibration, Change Your Reality Free Subliminals

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Moving Forward – 10K Yuj Manifestation Beyond

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