Pre Actum Quantum Activaation, Actum Poetry Through time space and dimension to enhance ones being, yaakov yitzhak

Pre Actum Quantum Activation – Surya Sol Sun, Yaakov, OAT

10K Yuj Manifestation Beyond Presents your hosts, Yaakov and OAT Creators of Surya Sol Sun.

This is a talk and meditation to activate the energy within through creative energy.

Yaakov and OAT will be reading and reciting poetry from Actum Poetry: Through Time, Space, and Dimension to Enhance One’s Being
for all to view and understand the healing power of self realization.

May inner peace be with everyone in this cleaning space.

Surya Sol Sun 1 SOlar energy Healing Surya Sol SUn

10K Yuj Manifestation Beyond Call

Wednesdays 5 PM PST / 7 PM Central / 8 PM EST

Call in Number: (602) 580-9708
Access Code: 3060900#

Be there on the frequency live.

Tune in
to experience
collective cosmic truth for all.

Visit the online healing temple for free blessings and distant healing.

No hassle, just call in.
No Preregistration.
See you there on the frequency.

10K Yuj Manifestation Beyond Free Call

Wednesdays @
5 PM PST / 7 PM Central / 8 PM EST

Allow the universe to guide you and answer your questions. You are the answer.

Through the speech and frequency, allow your being to be filled with energy.
Allow the light to flow free in your life.

Listen and enhance your being, your psychic and intuitive abilities, and unite to one frequency on the line.

This is the essence of true psychic development and spiritual gift enhancement.

Meditation, manifestation, psychic readings, enhancing your gifts, speaking to your soul and more. This is a pure creative field.

Manifest your dream life and create your own destiny.

Pre Actum Quantum Activaation, Actum Poetry Through time space and dimension to enhance ones being, yaakov yitzhak

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About Actum Poetry: Through Space, Time, and Dimension to Enhance One’s Being NOW AVAILABLE

Everything has a soul.

From the Teaching of Timeless Literature by Yaakov Healing Art

A new chapter in healing and self realization.

Experience true understanding and cosmic change in this lifetime.

The book of Actum Poetry is taking all your actions and experiences in life and bringing them to the surface so you can heal yourself.
This book is a basic clearing to help you transform so you can move forward in life with an open heart and clean slate.

Revealing through poetic form the inner workings of mediumship and federation to teach beyond expression.

You just have to read, listen, and experience. Live life to the fullest.

Now Available!

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The Book of Actum Poetry : Through Space, Time, and Dimension to Enhance One’s Being

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