Remote Internship for Health, Intuition, and Fitness

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Our job is to help others move towards homeostasis and teach others how to take control over their own lives as well.

Internship Topics: Health, Fitness, Wellness, Intuitive, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Business Management

Duration: Minimum of 3 Months

About this Remote Internship:

We are offering this virtual internship to anyone that has a passion for helping others or wants a new direction in life to bring yourself to pristine spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Not everyone has time to go to college but they have skills and ambitions that need to be developed and honored.

Allow us to see and test you on your highest potential. Allow us to move you so forward so that you never have to worry again. This really depends upon you and how far you want to take this information. We are in a new era and must us tech and intuition for our advancement.

You are learning beyond a religion or a name of a person… this is is lifestyle that we are teaching for the world to learn their own gifts (intuitive, body, health, mental, and more)

Remote Internship Criteria Information

*Note, you will be documented in everything you do, say, speak, and content put our on the web (basic reputation online management)

*Please do not submit the information if you have too many deep religious views or political views as we need to learn this has caused, wars, death, dis-ease, anger, green, and jealousy. We are here to help you reach homeostasis. (If for some reason this offends you, please looks deeper and find yourself)


Minimum of 3 month contract.


Must be 18 or older to apply for this position.


Worldwide Remote.


Learning directly with the Masters on various topics regarding health, wellness, spirituality, intuition health, vitamins, and minerals. Various mandatory, demonstration videos, training and virtual tasks.


Excellent verbal and written communication skills, English, Bilingual or Multilingual (english/spanish +), 0-Basic Computer Skills, A Will to learn, share wisdom, and be a better person.

If you pass the process of internship, you have the right to open up your own company and business (vitamin and mineral shops and fitness programs) that help and aid the world in our overlaying mission.

Application Process

Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a remote intern for Health, Wellness,

Contact with your name, a recent photo you you, phone number and to send a 10 minute video on your journey explaining yourself and 10 minute video on where you see yourself in 6 months (shared Google Drive) and a 3000 word essay about yourself and why you should be considered for this internship.

Everything needs to be complete to submit in a folder on the drive for preliminary application.

If you receive a red circle back to your contact from us then it is advised to have a session. (This will be a charge).

If you have any ill family members that are experiencing dis-ease, allow us to help you reach homeostasis with your doctors and family.

We have helped many people eat again, walk again, and live dis-ease free. We do not claim anything. it is your will. We are here to teach others in our protocols to make this world a better place.

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