Spiritual Readings with Surya Sol Sun

Spiritual Readings with Surya Sol Sun healing Art by Surya Sol Sun

Spiritual Readings with Surya Sol Sun

Surya Sol Sun is all about light, truth, and raising the vibration.

We offer Spiritual Consultations to anyone that needs deeper insight and understanding of life, self, purpose, and their current status and situation. Though we may offer you a variety of spiritual healing service options, when you contact us, your true self will reveal the service that is needed for you at the time.

Our spiritual readings are about providing you insight on your life in various directions so you can live to your greatest potential.

Allow yourself to shine every single time and let go of what you think holds you back – Look Within the Self and you will discover a new reality of possibilities.

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Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Consultations Cont.

Featured Intuitive Services

Whatever you are searching for, be honest and kind and the universe will give you exactly what you need. We are here to facilitate that shift in consciousness.

Variable Pricing: Please contact for current pricing.

Past Life Reading / Regression

Love Life Reading (Twin Flame and Beyond)

Hypnosis for Health, Wealth, and Love Attraction

10K Yuj Tarot Life Reading

Intuitive Life Reading

Psychic Self Defense

Creative Healing Art


Chakra Clearing

Medium Reading / Channeling

Spiritual Coaching and Mentoring

and much more

Call 787 979 9938 to book your transformational spiritual healing session today.

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