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Surya Sol Sun is all about light, truth, and raising the vibration. Our spiritual readings are about providing you insight on your life in various directions so you can live to your greatest potential.

Allow yourself to shine every single time!

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10K Yuj Tarot Reading
Intuitive Life Reading
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Attention Healers – Worldwide Shaktipat Infinity

Important Announcement To Experience Shaktipat Energy from Surya Sol Sun to Worldwide and Beyond Our…

Our Intuitive Service

We help all of our clients achieve their goals of life health and spiritual strength through our system of universal life force energy and combination of conscious and unconscious mind understanding. 

Serving the World, One Person at a Time (Online)

You are being guided every second of every day. Allow your trust in the universe within yourself to fuel your life and guide your direction with grace and ease.

A habit can transform into something beneficial for your spiritual growth.

Understand that the lesson you are learning in this life should be met with acceptance and gratitude.

Need more insight on your current life situation? Book a spiritual consultation.

Healing Sessions for Children

Today’s children are more developed through sensitivity. There is also an innate curiosity to embrace spiritual and psychic gifts as opposed to ostracize or repress these talents. Children have a natural connection to the divine through inner sight, dreams, visions, animals, and perceiving energies. Most of the time, these intuitive gifts can overwhelm or scare the child based upon programming from ancestry or painful/traumatic experiences. Learn more about how to make peace with your gifts and your child’s abilities.

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Remote Internship for Health, Intuition, and Fitness

Our job is to help others move towards homeostasis and teach others how to take control over their o…

Beyond Chakra Energy Healing

Beyond Chakra Energy Healing

Meridian Energy Healing

Emotional Body Healing

Upper Level Chakra Corrections

Lower Level Chakra Stabilization

Heart Center Nurturing

From the Creators of 10K Yuj, Jung Gwo Jye Chi Gung Fu, and much more. Meet OAT and YAAKOV, your spiritual muses to help you progress to the next level.