We offer Spiritual Consultations Worldwide

Surya Sol Sun is all about light, truth, and raising the vibration. Our spiritual readings are about providing you insight on your life in various directions so you can live to your greatest potential.

Allow yourself to shine every single time!

These spiritual reading sessions are offered to all residents and tourists/visitors in Puerto Rico. This offer is an opportunity for any individual to take their next step in cultivating self acceptance and love within themselves.

Take a look at your life and reflect. In human situations of love, money, family, health, relationships, and even matters of life and death, a tarot reading and/or spiritual clearing may be what you need to find peace within yourself at this point in your life. A reading by one of our Master Teachers will allow you to gain a different perspective and obtain solutions to your current life situations.

We provide initial consultations to help identify the need and what we are able to do for the individual.

Our services shine as our method is personalized to each person since we understand each individual is different and needs vary accordingly. We do not turn anyway away.We only speak truth. Our intuitive services and teachings help aid towards all faiths. Surya Sol Sun is of no specific faith in itself making it our system of no system. You may bring in your own faith and healing system for an open integration to enhance and evolve in love and acceptance. This will only make you stronger and strengthen your connection with Source.

Featured Services

10K Yuj Tarot Reading
Energy Healing and Alignments
Intuitive Life Reading
Past Life / Ancestral Healing Sessions
Psychic Self Defense
NLP and Hypnotherapy Sessions
Creative Healing Art
Guided Meditation

Latest System News

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Tarot Readings in Puerto Rico

Tarot Readings in Puerto Rico | PR Resident & Tourist Tarot Readings Our tarot readings are used…

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Sri Yantra Meditation

Simple Sri Yantra Meditation for Well-being Instructions by Olivia Tatara No talking. Just view the …

Our Intuitive Services

We help all of our clients achieve their goals of life health and spiritual strength through our system of universal life force energy and combination of conscious and unconscious mind understanding. 

Our spiritual readings and tarot card readings are powerful tools for someone to be able to identify what is going on in their life quickly. Most times, this power will unfold over a couple days as the individual meditates and contemplates upon what was said during the session. Our Masters help you identify what needs to be forgiven and let go of those things have been affecting you without you realizing. This is the basis of our practice. Surya Sol Sun Spirituality is total awareness of physical, mental, and ethereal levels intertwining into one.

Serving the World, One Person at a Time (Online)

You are being guided every second of every day. Allow your trust in the universe within yourself to fuel your life and guide your direction with grace and ease.

A habit can transform into something beneficial for your spiritual growth.

Understand that the lesson you are learning in this life should be met with acceptance and gratitude.

Need more insight on your current life situation? Book a spiritual consultation.

Healing Sessions for Children

Today’s children are more developed through sensitivity. There is also an innate curiosity to embrace spiritual and psychic gifts as opposed to ostracize or repress these talents. Children have a natural connection to the divine through inner sight, dreams, visions, animals, and perceiving energies. Most of the time, these intuitive gifts can overwhelm or scare the child based upon programming from ancestry or painful/traumatic experiences. Learn more about how to make peace with your gifts and your child’s abilities.

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Intuitive Children Sessions

Introduction to Intuitive Children and Sessions for Intuitive Children Indigo Children, Rainbow Chil…

Advanced Spiritual Services

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Beyond Chakra Energy Healing

Beyond Manifestation Classes

Meridian Energy Healing

Ho’oponopono Healing Art

Emotional Body Healing

Upper Level Chakra Corrections

Lower Level Chakra Stabilization

Shaktipat and Tantric Breathing

Heart Center Nurturing

and much more

From the Creators of 10K Yuj, Jung Gwo Jye Chi Gung Fu, and much more. Meet OAT and YAAKOV, your spiritual muses to help you progress to the next level.